Herding Trial Info

May 11th

Monday – May 11th, 2015
  • There will be two herding trials.
  • Herding Trial Schedule and Information Here
  • Herding will be held at Barb Moe’s C5 Ranch, 8265 Fowler Lane, Bozeman, 59718.
  • Livestock will be Boer and Boer cross goats who have been worked by many different breeds, including Malinois, Tervs and BSDs. They know their stuff and are respectful of the dogs that are working them. I train with these goats and they are a lot of fun to work. Some do have horns.

    There will be two tests/trials to be held on May 11th. The morning tests and trials will be judged by Tracy Parciak. She has herding students training BSDs and Tervs and has trialed a Terv herself.

    The second test/trial to be held in the afternoon of May 11th and will be open to Malinois, Tervs, Lakens and BSDs. The tests will be judged by Sandy Moore and the trials will be judged by Tracy Parciak. Sandy Moore is a very well known trainer and trialer who has most likely handled and/or judged all of the herding-eligible breeds and then a few more, too.

    The test classes will include, HT, PT and Instinct. The trial classes will be A course goats only. There will be separate venues for the Instinct and HT tests. Instinct will be in an indoor arena with dirt footing and HT will be in either the indoor arena or in an outdoor arena with sand footing.

    PT and the trial classes will take place in grass arena.

    There will be ample parking that is very convenient to the arenas. I would suggest bringing shade for yourself and your dogs. It may be Montana, but the sun can be very hot. We can also get snow. It is Montana!

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  • I am also looking for volunteers to time and scribe, run score sheets back to the secretary, help reset the course, and assist at the gates including exhausting goats to the holding pens. It is fun work and a good place to learn more about the sport. All help is welcome and I hope to have non-competitors come out to watch and help. The Ranch is only about 20 minutes from the host hotel.
  • Contact: Elizabeth Aghbashian either on Facebook or send her an email below.

Please Volunteer to help out at the Herding Trials